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Free Weight

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Optimus are proud to boast one of the most equipped Gym facilities in the area, with a full range of weight training machines and stations. These can be split into three sections: -


Free weights: - Optimus is equipped with a full range of free weights, with dumbbells up to 70kgs, squat racks, chest press bench, and a deadlift platform. The gym is also stocked with a number of kettlebells, body pump bars, and a smaller set of dumbbells.


Plate loaded machines: - Optimus is proud to stock a number of different plates loaded machines allowing you to train all parts of your body. We were keen to offer these machines to our members as they allow you to lift weight in a controlled and stable way, which in turn will decrease the risk of injury, for example using the plate loaded chest press creates a stable position and the machine only moves a certain way, whereas if you are using dumbbells you will need to focus on balancing them at the same time.


Pin resistance machines – As well as a full range of plate load machines, Optimus also offers a full range of pin resistance equipment, these are more traditional range equipment that many members are comfortable with as they are what you would normally expect to see in a gym environment. You will however be able to complete a whole workout with this equipment and many members use both the pin machines and plate loaded machines as part of their workout. Our cable machines are very popular and are all supplied by Watson, the UK leading brand in Gym equipment, Optimus has two single machines, a dual cable machine, and a cable crossover. 


Optimus has a varied range of cardio equipment, in the gym, you will find: - Treadmills, Cross-trainers, Spinning Bikes, Rowing Machines, Ski Ergs, assault bikes, a Stairmaster and a Jacobs Ladder. The equipment is all there to allow you to raise your heart rate and get a great cardio workout. Some of the machines have extra functionality as well to allow you to program the machine to set a time or distance target, interval training, or even some workout games. Ask a member of staff and they will be able to show you how to set these extra functions up.


Unique to Optimus is a large sprung floor mat area. Predominantly set up for martial art classes, Optimus has been able to take advantage of this space to deliver a unique class environment. As the floor is cushioned and sprung from underneath it means that all of the classes are low impact, reducing the risk of injury. The classes area is available to members when the mat is free and also has equipment that can be used on the mat, this includes Battle ropes, resistance bands, skipping ropes, body pump bars, box jump up to 180cm, crash mats for tumbling, a lighter weight set of dumbbells and a punching bag. Members can enjoy a full workout just in this area!


Optimus love to create an amazing atmosphere whilst you are training, we have our residents DJ's, “The Gym DJ” Mark Attwell and "DJ Bling Ambition" Tapps Kaseke. It is a unique atmosphere to train in and can really get you pumped up and ready for a great session. From time to time we also have guest DJs to mark significant days in the calendar, for example, Christmas and Halloween. Stay tuned to our social media to find out when these evenings are taking place and be prepared to get pumped up!

Personal Training

Optimus has a team of personal trainers that work with Optimus, we understand that everybody is different and has their own requirements when looking for personal training. With this in mind Optimus will only work with trainers that can bring value to your training, each personal trainer will be qualified, fully insured, and offer a unique service to their clients. We also make sure that all personal trainers are comfortable and can use the equipment appropriately. Should you require any recommendations then speak to a member of the team who will be able to point you in the right direction, alternatively have a look at each trainer profile to see which one is the best fit for you.  


Optimus employee a team of people who are there to help you, all of our staff are experienced within a gym environment and will be able to help when you need it. Their main aim is to offer members a great gym experience, remember we want you to want to come to the gym not just because you have to. They are also there for your safety, if you need a spot or some guidance then a member of the team will be on hand to help out.  For more information please visit our team section of the website.

Changing Rooms

Fitting your session before or during work? Then Optimus offer full changing facilities, with showers and toilets available you will be able to freshen up before you can continue on with your day. There is also mirrors available to add those finishing touches 😊

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