Classes Timetable


Hard Core Cardio

Run By: Kristina

Time: Monday 6:30pm

Duration: 30 Minutes

What is Hard Core Cardio: Mix of challenging dynamic core-stabilizing exercises and cardiovascular endurance to get the blood flowing and heart rate elevated.


Sunrise Flow

Run By: Fleur

Time: Tuesday 7:30am

Duration: 45 Minutes

What is Sunrise Flow: A gentle, dynamic vinyasa-style yoga class to awaken the body and set your intentions for the day.


Body Blitz

Run By: Sarah

Time: Wednesday 6:15am

Duration: 45 Minutes

What is Body Blitz: Full body, building your fitness and stamina, using body weight and equipment mixed with running sometimes.



Run By: Vicky

Time: Thursday 6:15am

Duration: 45 Minutes

What is MetCon: High-intensity interval training that keeps your heart rate up.


Max Spinning

Run By: Maxine

Time: Friday 6:15am

Duration: 45 Minutes

What is Max Spinning: Focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity, and recovery using the spin bike and its resistance.


Stretch & Strength

Run By: Fleur

Time: Friday 9:30am

Duration: 45 Minutes

What is Stretch & Strength: A Hatha style yoga class focusing on breathing practices, posture work and relaxation to develop strength, flexibility and balance.


If you would like to come to have a look before joining the gym, this is completely fine. a Member of the team will give you a guided tour and answer any questions that you may have. This is free and doesn’t need an appointment booked.

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